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    The other view of decoration tree

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Product Description:

Jilin Wuzhou Garden Hotel is a comprehensive business hotel integrating eating, living, entertainment, shopping and tourism. With a building area of 88,000 square meters, the hotel is the largest and most comprehensive hotel in Jilin City. The hotel has a beautiful environment, pleasant scenery and convenient transportation. The structure of the hotel is exquisite and unique, and the lobby on the first floor is elegant and luxurious. The modern business center can provide customers with meticulous and thoughtful service; the lobby bar is like water, the water is full of music, and the style is elegant. The hotel's catering includes Chinese and Western food collections, bringing together the North and South dishes, the classic national banquet, allowing guests to enjoy the delicious and at the same time, feel the profound and profound Chinese food culture. The hotel is equipped with an ultra-luxury large bathing area, experience field, swimming pool and other ideal leisure areas. It provides guests with physiotherapy, health care, rest and fitness services. It is located on the secondfloor of more than 160 square meters of craft boutiques and clothing. The store will cater to different levels of shopping needs.

The branches like the snowflake, improve the brightness of the lobby, attaching with the crystal, the colorful lighting make the whole "TREE" like a Gemstone.

The location of the hotel is to create a green living circle. Like a garden, guests will not be disturbed by their stay. They will not be bored by the light at night, and the color temperature and color of the light are properly regulated. In the range of people's comfort to light. Set off the humanity of the hotel.


Step 1:Project early communication to understand the clients concept

Step 2:Lighting Planning to confirmation of preliminary design

Step 3:Project discussion and provide preliminary solution

Step 4:Optimization adjustment solution

Step 5:Confrim the details drawing and color chart sample

Step 6:Discussion the business terms of delivery and payment

Step 7:Recieved the advance payment

Step 8:Formal production

Step 9:Double verified the site lighting pool size and technical specifications

Step 10:Deepen the final confirmation of the details drawing

Step 11:Suggestions and guidance for the pre embedded parts and reinforcement of ceiling

Step 12:Preparation,welding,surface treatment and assemble testing

Step 13:Carry out factory inspection and safety test before installation of lamps (high voltage grounding test,leakage prevention test)

Step 14:Technology installation or guidance installation at site

Step 15:After-sales service follow up and after-sale lamp maintenance and repair.

(Procedure can be advanced or postponed,depending on the Project requirements and the communication between the two sides)

Company Information:

Excellent Workmanship, Extraordinary Service

Zhongshan Jako Lighting & Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.,the professional lighting manufacturer was established in 1999 and specializes in Non-Standard Customized art lamps for hotel lobbies and large spaces.  With a 12000 square meter factory plant, over 200 staff and 30 experienced designers, the company has a strong ability to develop, manufacture and deliver high quality lighting products to clients within a short period.

Jako Lighting was originally established for OEM lighting products for Home Depot, and renamed Zhongshan Jako Lighting & Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. in 2008.  The company registered capital is 10.8 million RMB, and the factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongsha – The lighting capital of China.  All of our products are manufactured under ISO9000 standard, and have already obtained CE, GS, UL and CCC certification.

Jako Lighting focusses on hotels, luxury clubs and villas, as well as large commercial space art lamps. Non-Standard Customization for 20 years, capable to design, develop and customized all category of lamps, dedicated to creating a comfortable lighting environment for hotel lobby.


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