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What are the needs of hotel project lightings and non standard project lightings?
2018-12-03 14:54:47

We all know that hotel lighting is customized, mainly to highlight its hotel style, giving people the feeling of the atmosphere. In the selection of lamps, we need to customize the lamps for professional hotels. They are custom-made for non-standard lamps, and the cycle is generally longer. First of all, it is necessary to design the lamp type according to the style of the site inspection, and then determine the size of the lamp according to the space used by the hotel lamps. Therefore, it is necessary to have experienced lighting designers and lighting matchmakers to conduct on-the-spot investigations. According to the actual space of the construction site, the proportion and size of the hotel lamps can be determined. Such lamps can really play a finishing role. Hotel lighting custom cycle is relatively long, generally 30-45 days after the drawings are confirmed, can be delivered, construction and installation.

Non standard project lightings refer to projects that do not install industry standards and national standards, and generally require special customization. “Non-standard” means “not made by standard”.

non standard project lighting

General products, in order to be common with other products (this is for the convenience of use and maintenance), have their own production standards. For example, the "screws" we usually use must be standard parts. You can buy the same size screws in any store. "Standards" have the form of national standards, local standards, industry standards, etc., complement each other.

"Non-standard" goods or spare parts refer to goods that are used less, or parts that are specially made for a certain product, and it is not easy to buy general-purpose or substitute items. Sometimes, "non-standard" pieces are intended to do so, in order to protect the uniqueness of their own production and maintenance.

For the hotel's large crystal chandeliers, hanging high, the disassembly is not convenient, and the expensive crystal chandelier lampshade is easy to be damaged, then what should I do? In fact, there should be a clear classification of the cleaning method of the crystal chandelier lampshade, which will make the cleaning work more convenient and simpler. The crystal chandelier lampshade will have different cleaning methods depending on the material and shape. For example, the crystal beaded crystal chandelier lampshade that the hotel likes very much, the crystal clear and the lighting, will make the atmosphere more outstanding. For the crystal bead cleaning, because it is exquisite workmanship, it is very troublesome to do. If the crystal chandelier lampshade is made of crystal and metal, it can be cleaned directly with a neutral detergent, then wiped off the water and dried directly. If the crystal beads are connected in series, keep the dryness of the thread, use a soft cloth to wipe it slowly, and the metal lamp holder can directly wipe off the surface dust, then wipe a little toothpaste with a cotton cloth.

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