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What are the main considerations that are important points that hotel buyers need to pay attention to when making custom lighting options for hotel lightings?
2018-12-03 15:28:46

The choice of hotel lightings, first of all need to consider the safety of the lamp structure, and then consider the aesthetics of the lamp and the coordination with other soft clothing, is the price factor. Since the hotel lightings are usually customized lamps, especially in the lobby, the hotel lightings are customized to a larger size, and the weight is not low. Safety is an important consideration.

hotel lighting

A typical star hotel, doing a small renovation in about five years, and doing a major renovation in ten years. Therefore, the life of hotel lightings should be less than ten years or more to meet the requirements of star hotels. Because the general small maintenance does not replace the lamps, the scope of human resources involved is too large. This means that in the selection of lamps, where the lamps are heated and stressed, including reflectors, heat sinks and fixing (positioning) components, quality is very important.

The number of star-rated hotel lightings is over 10,000, so the replacement of the light source will involve a huge amount of human resources, so the flexibility of lamp replacement is another consideration in procurement. The ideal luminaire selection is to load and unload the light source without the need for a fixed (positioning) component that pulls the luminaire. In addition to saving replacement time, it also provides positive protection for interior decoration.

This includes all aspects of the hotel project lightings themselves. Take the general ceiling light as an example, the spray quality of the cup (if metal, the quality of the surface layer), the smoothness of the reflector (such as frosted reflector, uniformity of sandblasting), and the ceiling (gypsum board) / The details of the tightness of the wood veneer (with or without light leakage) should be noted.

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