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What are the general hotel lighting and how to buy it
2018-12-03 13:54:14

1. There are many kinds of chandeliers, beautiful appearance and strong decoration. It can be said that it is a kind of lamps commonly used in hotel lighting. The chandeliers are mostly used for pole hanging, single-head small chandeliers, etc., and are generally used for overall lighting, such as in halls, restaurants, conference rooms, etc. Because of the shape, size, texture and color of the chandelier, it has an impact on the design of the hotel decoration design environment.


2. Spotlight refers to a kind of luminaire for local illumination with a strong luminosity. There are many types, such as boom type, embedded type, ceiling type, rail type and iron clip type. The illumination angle of the lamp can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the indoor space of the hotel is mostly used for objects that need special illumination, such as paintings, crafts, sculptures, murals, etc., so as to provide a key appreciation area for the hotel lighting.

hotel lighting

3. Ceiling light refers to a kind of light fixture that directly fixes the light on the ceiling. Most of the ceiling lamps in the sound field now have installation sites. When installing, the chassis can be installed on the top surface, and then the lamps are installed on the site. This type of lamp has incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, astigmatism lamps, projection lamps, etc. Several. It is generally used in the corridors of hotels as a basic lighting.

4, mobile lighting

   Refers to the luminaires that can be freely placed according to the indoor space environment of the hotel. It mainly includes table lamps for local illumination placed on desks, bedside tables, coffee tables, etc., and floor lamps for local illumination near sofas and coffee tables, and clip lights for bed heads. It is a kind of luminaire that is easy to use elastically. It is both practical and decorative. The shape, color and texture of the luminaire are properly selected, which will definitely add a lot of color to the hotel lighting.

Chandeliers are also important lamps in high-end restaurants, and choosing a good chandelier will serve as a finishing touch. There are generally candlestick chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, garden chandeliers, dining chandeliers, etc. There are many styles, and the style of the restaurant should be based on the style of the restaurant. The perfect combination can highlight the quality of the restaurant.

In order to achieve the effect of the atmosphere, the chandelier can not be installed too high, on the horizon of the diners. For the rectangular dining table, the chandelier should have a light and dark adjuster and a lifting function to make it suitable for other work. The Chinese food pays attention to color, fragrance, taste and shape, and often needs bright warm colors, while enjoying western food, if The light is slightly darker and softer, creating a romantic atmosphere.


In addition to large ceiling lamps and ordinary lighting, the living room space can also be used to adjust the atmosphere by adding some small crystal chandeliers. Even at home, you can enjoy the taste of a romantic hotel. Different shapes can also have different effects. The effect of this effect depends on the style of the crystal chandelier we chose. If you want to have the effect of decorating the house during the day, it is better to choose some beautiful, colorful colors to make your surroundings more vibrant. The pendant of the crystal chandelier refracts the sunlight that shines into the house, and sprinkles it on the floor, one by one. This has the dreamlike warmth of the night, the night is also the day, and the day is also the night. These small crystal chandeliers are themselves a beautiful landscape.

In fact, many things are not valuable because they have value, just like home. Home can be home everywhere, but there is no home feeling, because we regard our home as a harbor of our own heart, and we give our family value, so the family becomes valuable. Everything is the same, whether it is a crystal chandelier or a jade bracelet from your family. In the eyes of others, it is just a very ordinary thing, but it is different in your eyes. So a warm home, after giving it to your own feelings, is warm anyway. It seems simple to the outsiders, even simple, but as long as you decide happiness.

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