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The lighting skills of hotel lighting are usually viewed from the following three aspects.
2018-12-03 14:25:43

Nowadays, in order to get the lighting and the overall appearance of the major hotels in China, the purchase of lighting is becoming more and more strict. Then, let's take a look at the Jaguar lighting to understand what customers need to pay attention to when choosing a luminaire. For the overall environmental layout of the hotel, the role played by the luminaire is obvious. We look at whether the decoration of the hotel is harmonious. It is often necessary to look at whether the hotel's lamps are customized or not. This also explains the hotel's purchase of lamps from another angle. Be cautious, buy a hotel-style luminaire, and grasp the following three points to get the ideal luminaire.

Customized hotel lighting is also a good way to buy. In recent years, many hotels, clubs and KTV and other high-end places like to use ceiling lights. When the lamps are hung on the ceiling, not only can they have enough lighting, but also It can create a romantic and warm lighting effect, which is also very suitable for the taste of the guests. Its purchasing skills are usually viewed from the following three aspects.


hotel lighting


1. Before the hotel lightings are customized, the radiators used in such lamps should be selected. The lighting effect of the whole luminaire and its service life have a great influence on the heat dissipation speed of its lamp beads. If the brightness is too poor, the lighting effect is not ideal. Nowadays, the mainstream design of this kind of luminaire adopts the overall heat dissipation method, the use of a single lamp bead and the external fan to dissipate heat. In addition, the size of its heat sink and the quality of the material it is designed will affect the heat dissipation.

2. When we customize the hotel lighting, we must also check the power supply of this kind of lighting. The quality of this component also has a great impact on the overall life of the luminaire. If the power supply is good, it will also have a decisive effect on the use time of the lamp bead. If the power supply is not good, the brightness of the luminaire will also be affected, even if it is not bright. stand up.

3. Before choosing a luminaire, you need to understand some of its brands. Some good brands often have good quality of the lamp beads, which can also bring good lighting effects. Therefore, when we customize the hotel lightings, we can't choose the low price of the lamp beads, or choose the big brands in Europe and America. The production process of these brands is more guaranteed.

Be sure to carefully select the brand, this has a good choice of brand, in order to be customized as a hotel lighting. The lamps on the market are generally more than a thousand dollars. You must not buy those hundreds of pieces for the sake of greed. The quality is often not guaranteed. If you want to look for brand-name products, then you should pay special attention to the lamp beads when you purchase. Also pay attention to the color of the lamps before buying. In the market, there are still many grades for such lamps, and the grades are different, of course, the service life is also different. Generally, the use of electroplated gold lamps, the surface color is very good, this type of life is also very long, very suitable for the use of hotel lamps.

To be based on simple savings. The luminaires are just a good-looking decoration. If the lamps in the hotel are too cumbersome and extravagant, there will undoubtedly be a suspicion of taking the limelight. It is necessary to treat the lamps as better items instead of more than one decoration. Avoid cumbersome luminaires when buying. It is necessary to have the principle of saving power. After all, it belongs to the decoration. It is not the main lighting tool. It is not a tool for warming or cooling. Therefore, when purchasing hotel lightings, it must be conducive to energy conservation. No matter which type of lamps should be energy-saving. For the principle. The function of the luminaire should be suitable. For example, the room should not be too dazzling, the bathroom should be darker, etc., that is, the different luminaires should be selected according to the actual function of the environment. Therefore, it means that different lamps should be decorated in different environments in the hotel.

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