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The lighting effect and design concept of the hotel lighting in the design
2018-12-03 15:13:28

Each lighting design has different meanings relative to each building. Lighting design has important factors for the hotel. The lighting design not only reflects the unique atmosphere of the hotel, but also shows the warm light environment of the hotel to attract customers' stay and promote Better economic returns, so successful hotel lighting design is the main guarantee of the hotel economy.

hotel lighting

Now, the crystal lamps on the market start at 1,000 yuan. Different brands of crystal lamps are similar in appearance. It is worth noting that some unscrupulous manufacturers only make superficial articles. They install high-quality lamp beads on the periphery or obvious parts of the larger crystal lamps, and shoddy the inner layers or hidden places of the lighting. In terms of appearance, they are very similar to some brand-name lighting. For the same appearance, people usually choose lower prices. As everyone knows, those commodities are inferior to them. After a long time, all kinds of problems have been presented. Therefore, people must keep their eyes open when choosing, and choose carefully. Some brand-name crystal lamp manufacturers have a brand logo on every crystal face to ensure their quality and consumers can buy a real brand, so if you buy a brand name, you only need to carefully identify it at the time of purchase. The brand logo is fine.

The choice of crystal lighting must be purchased according to the star rating and decoration style of the hotel lighting, which should echo the decoration style of the hotel lighting. The flashy crystal lighting can not only add icing on the cake, but add a snake. Also choose according to the size of the hotel and the shape of the lamp. Crystal lighting is usually hung in the lobby or restaurant of the hotel, so be sure to use the beautiful ceiling crystal lighting or hanging crystal lighting.

The decorative effect of the hotel lighting is usually achieved in two aspects. One is the matching of the lighting product itself with the environment, and the other is the illumination of the light source to illuminate the lighting itself and the surrounding space environment. A variety of environmental effects are created by the combination of hotel lighting and the surrounding environment.

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