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The editor of Jako remind you of the problems you should pay attention to when customized hotel lighting
2018-12-03 14:37:58

It is not easy to find the styles that are suitable for a specific hotel in the market. Therefore, many hotels are based on their own actual conditions, please ask professional lighting designers to design some beautiful and in line with the hotel environment, Jiegao Xiao The editor reminds you what problems should be paid attention to when project lighting fixtures are customized?

1. the brightness and style of the lighting required by the hotel's environment

According to the hotel's environment, it is suitable for the brightness of the hotel and the general hobby of the hotel. The suitable light is convenient for the normal life and work of the hotel, and gives them a good atmosphere to make the user feel at home and let them stay back and forth. Continue to stay at the hotel.

customized hotel lighting

2. the choice of lighting materials when the lamps are customized

The normal life of the lamp with LED chip will last longer than that of other materials. At the same time, the lamp will have a service life of 45 degrees at room temperature and the chip temperature will exceed 65 degrees. Therefore, the lamp used by the manufacturer when customizing the lamp is used. The material is very necessary to be required. The lamps produced by inferior materials may not have any drawbacks in a short time. However, if it is long, it will cause color loss, polarized light, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to customize the lamps. There is a requirement for the material, and the material requirements will determine the service life and replacement cycle of the lamp after customization.

3. the price factor of custom lamps

The prices of the lamps of the same grade are basically the same, but the price difference between the manufacturers may be somewhat different. However, if the price of the lamps and the average price of the market are too far apart, the fixtures must have The problem, say a price for a share of goods, as the hotel decided to customize the lamps must choose integrity and strength, high-quality professional project lighting manufacturers to complete the lighting customization project.

4. custom lighting attention to safety

Since the hotel lamps are usually custom-made lamps, especially in the lobby lights, the lamps are large and the weight is large, and safety is an important consideration.

In short, the main purpose of customized hotel lighting is to customize the appropriate lighting according to the user population of the hotel. At the same time, we must pay attention to the quality of the materials, try to achieve low price and high quality.

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