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Talk about the understanding of hotel non standard project lightings and common sense
2018-12-03 14:49:35

Using low-power LED chips as light source Hotel engineering lamps have a longer service life than ordinary light source lamps. At the same time, the lamp temperature is 45 degrees at room temperature, and the chip temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the service life will be greatly reduced, so the material of the lamps used must be strict. The required inferior materials to be produced into the lamps, may not see any shortcomings in a short time, but the use of long-term use will produce color, polarized and other phenomena, the material requirements will determine the life and replacement cycle of the lamp after customization. Hotel non-standard engineering lights are available here.

In the general market, it is difficult to find a personalized lighting that is very suitable for the needs of the hotel. The hotel's personalized customization market requirements are upgraded from time to time. Therefore, the hotel will consider the actual situation, please professional lighting design company tailored to use the engineering lighting for the hotel environment, then what factors should be paid attention to when customizing the hotel engineering lamps? According to the hotel environment, the lighting brightness and hotel suitable for the hotel The general interest of the customer, the suitable light is convenient for the hotel to work, and give him a good atmosphere to make the user feel at home, let him stay back and forth to continue to stay at the hotel.

non standard project lighting

Luxurious and stylish hotel non standard project lighting gives a sense of dignity that attracts the attention of more high-end people. The beautiful hotel decoration effect in the hotel lighting project always takes into account the aesthetic elements, and its beauty is the embodiment of its value. Because of this, the hotel should pay attention to the points when purchasing the lamps in the decoration process, otherwise it will affect the beauty, and then the cost of renovating will be higher.

The professional sales staff of hotel lamps said that the current sales price of hotel lamps in the lamp market is several times the purchase price. Even if the discount is discounted, the profit will still be considerable. Although there are quite a few buyers who will bargain when buying lamps, they will still make a lot of profit after bargaining. The reason why the price of hotel lighting is very high is mainly because of its transportation difficulties, high professional customization cost and very meticulous workmanship, which is very easy to damage during transportation. Moreover, the more artistically beautiful hotel lighting, the higher the price.

As the hotel deepens its understanding of the importance of hotel lighting, more and more hotels are looking for the perfect decorative materials to achieve the purpose of beautifying the hotel space, so that people have a comfortable hotel environment. In the current lighting market environment, all kinds of hotel lamps are flooding the whole market. If the purchaser wants to buy the hotel lamps that they like, they still need to know more about the hotel lamps and the key points of purchase. They need a certain knowledge base. Shop for cost-effective hotel lighting.

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