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Quality is the standard that determines the customization of hotel lightings
2018-12-03 15:54:28

The hotel lobby is a place where people must go in and out. It is a public place. The ownership belongs to the hotel. The noble decoration quality of the hall brings the added value of staying at the hotel. In the selection of hotel project lighting, the hall decoration lamps are an important aspect. It is not cheap, quality and quality are equally important. The lighting inside the room plays an important role in the relaxation and rest of the guests. The choice of lighting is very important.

For decorative use, with the luminaire, the different colors will make the surrounding environment full of life. During the day, if the sun can shine on the luminaire, the radiant light will spread throughout the indoor environment; at night, the brilliance of the luminaire itself is a beautiful landscape, so that everyone who walks into the hotel lobby has a romantic feeling of being blurred. 

hotel lighting

In the hotel lobby, the choice of hotel lightings is particularly important, and it presents the taste of the hotel. Generally, I walk into the lobby of some hotels. The first thing that people can see is the chandelier that pours down. The crystal ball is put on the very thin steel wire. If it is turned on at night, the light will be perfectly shining. The light. Quality comes from taste and shows the status of the guests, so the choice of lighting in the hall is especially important.

It brings a feeling of warmth, especially in the winter, if the lobby of the hotel emits warm yellow light, everyone who walks into the hall from the outside will have a warm feeling. In fact, from the decorative effect, the hotel's lamps and lanterns set off different atmospheres; from the perspective of the light source, its sparkling feeling shows a thorough environment; from the atmosphere brought by the hotel, the value of the lamps shows The status of the guest. The choice of chandeliers in the hotel lobby is very subtle and is the feeling of different customers.

Relaxation is something that guests should have after entering the room. Each guest arrives at the hotel, not for business trips or for leisure travel. It is necessary to maintain good energy. The brightness and color of the lights should be appropriate, as this can reflect the style of the hotel, while at the same time giving guests a relaxed and comfortable feeling. The search for room lighting in hotel engineering lighting also requires special attention.

In the hotel, regardless of the hall lighting or the lighting in the room, the choice should be based on high-end quality and quality, hotel engineering lighting is generally purchased in bulk, it is also important to choose a good quality manufacturer.

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