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Look at the mix of hotel lighting and specific use requirements
2018-12-03 15:38:36

Hotel lighting projects usually refer to lighting fixtures used in decorative buildings such as star hotels or hotels and hotels to decorate or set off the overall space environment in the application site, collectively referred to as hotel lighting. The decorative effect of the hotel lighting is usually achieved in two aspects. One is the matching of the lighting product itself with the environment, and the other is the illumination of the light source to illuminate the lighting itself and the surrounding space environment. A variety of environmental effects are created by the combination of hotel lighting and the surrounding environment.

hotel lighting

Hotel lighting projects are generally divided into several categories according to the use environment, one is the hall decoration lights used in large indoor public spaces such as hotel halls or banquet halls, the second is the small-sized conference rooms or the styling lamps used in the dining room, and the third is the hotel room. The room lights used, the fourth is the lighting used in some public aisles or corridors. The fifth is the outdoor floodlights and guardrail tubes used to illuminate the building's outline.

In the hotel decoration lighting selection must first be in line with the hotel style, and secondly we have to choose the lighting with the hotel's space size and business positioning, but the hotel's important purpose is to give people a warm and comfortable travel environment, which is also the choice of hotel decoration An important factor to be considered in the lighting project, the high-quality hotel lighting environment will leave a different experience and spiritual impact.

1.The price factor of custom lamps

The price of the uniform grade lamps is basically the same, just because the price difference between the manufacturers in the production process may have some deviations. However, if the price of the lamps and the uniform price of the market are too far apart, the lamps must be made. The title of the topic, say a price of goods, as the hotel decided to customize the lamps must choose integrity and strength, good reputation of lamps and lanterns manufacturers to complete the custom lighting project.

2. The brightness and style required by the hotel's environment

According to the hotel's environment, it is suitable for the brightness of the hotel and the general interest of the hotel guests. The suitable light is convenient for the hotel to work, and at the same time give them a good atmosphere to make the user feel at home, let them stay back and forth next to the hotel.

3.The safety of the luminaire

Because hotel luminaires are usually custom luminaires, especially in the lobby lights, the luminaires are larger and the weight is large, and safety is an important consideration.

In short, the main custom of the hotel lighting is to customize the appropriate lighting according to the user population of the hotel, at the same time pay attention to the material to check, try to achieve cheap and high quality.

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