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Let's take a look at the customized hotel lighting to become the new fashion of the times.
2018-12-03 15:34:58

Many hotels usually adopt the method of customizing the decoration of the crystal lamp. This method not only allows the hotel to guarantee the style selection of the lamp, but also guarantees the quality of the hotel. It is proposed to focus on the following two aspects when making customization.

The specific concept: the appearance of some lamps has been changed. The customization of the hotel lamps should take into account the changes in the installation space and the way, so that the interior design has more space changes, and even create a new indoor environment space. In order to show the interior decoration design and material dryness, it is very important to choose the light source of the lamp. The display index must be greater than 80. In some places, the light source should be able to accept the stepless dimming. The lighting system in the public area must be intelligent. Management mode, the same lighting requirements in the room. Although the traditional lighting mode can also meet the basic requirements of lighting, but its power consumption is very high, so the general LED lighting is a good choice.

customized hotel lighting

Project Analysis: The crystal lamp is just a decoration for the hotel, so it must conform to the positioning and theme of the hotel itself, and it should not be overly gorgeous. Although it is an ornament, the lighting of the hotel is a very complicated technology, and it is necessary to use many complicated techniques to create an ideal lighting environment.

Through the above two points analysis, it can be seen that the problems involved in the customization of lamps should attract everyone's attention. Only the problems such as links are considered, so that the ideal lamps can be made according to the actual needs of the hotel.

In the past ten years, China has been popularizing large-scale customized business. This is a new model for the development of manufacturing industry at home and abroad, and the customized hotel lighting industry is also booming. The operation of the customized lighting business is simple, and the business can be started according to the actual needs of the customers. As a high-end durable consumer goods, lamps not only reflect people's materiality, but also reflect spirituality. Because of this, the customization of lamps has attracted the attention of more and more consumers and has become a new fashion of the times.


In the high-end club lighting process, such as star hotel lighting, high-end hotel lighting, model room lighting, etc., according to their actual needs, the lamps are customized, so that the customized lamps can better meet the space style, size and personality. Demand. Take the production of hotel lamps as an example, it is mainly luxury and high-grade, the main function is to create an atmosphere. Because of this, the hotel's commonly used lamps and lanterns, such as wall lamps, light strips, ceiling lights, emergency lights and other products have become a must for the hotel to create an atmosphere.

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