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Hotel non standard project lighting manufacturer tell you how to install the lamps
2018-12-03 15:04:29

If the sub-control switch is installed, when installing the luminaire. Can save a lot of troubles. Because if there is only one main switch, and several lights are on and off, you can't choose the light and dark of the light, and you will waste energy. With the sub-control switch, you can choose to turn on a few lights at any time. If there is an aisle at the entrance of the house, the end of the aisle is also equipped with a switch, so that the power can be turned off directly after entering the door, without having to go back to the door to turn off the light. The lighting system should be set to be adjustable, that is, when the light is dim or glazed, it can be adjusted and people will feel more comfortable.

Non standard project lightings are more self-contained, the color temperature of the lighting should be consistent with the atmosphere of the living room, at least to the color temperature of other areas of the living room. Lights can be installed in the upper level to reduce shadows during work. Don't just have a single lighting source in the center. For kitchen lighting, you should install a multi-level lighting system consisting of different lamps and light sources in the kitchen. Hotel non standard project lightings belong to such a type of high-value lamps, their performance is also better, and can be well displayed when used.

non standard project lighting

The difference between engineering lamps and non-standard engineering lamps may lie in the quality of materials used and the difference in group orientation. Referred to as mercury sodium gold, mercury lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, prices from low to high. Light effects range from low to high with significant differences. Engineering Lights: In a broad sense, the lamps that are scheduled to be produced are engineering lamps. In the industry, the lamps that exceed the home lighting type are basically engineering lamps, and the engineering lamps have no size or material restrictions. Engineering luminaires refer to customized lighting products that are suitable for specific lighting products according to the actual needs of the project. They are also used for decorative effects, such as non-standard lamps, decorative lamps, and custom lamps.

Non standard project lightings refer to projects that do not install industry standards and national standards, and generally require special customization. “Non-standard” means “not made by standard”.

General products, in order to be common with other products (this is for the convenience of use and maintenance), have their own production standards. For example, the "screws" we usually use must be standard parts. You can buy the same size screws in any store. "Standards" have the form of national standards, local standards, industry standards, etc., complement each other.

"Non-standard" goods or spare parts refer to goods that are used less, or parts that are specially made for a certain product, and it is not easy to buy general-purpose or substitute items. Sometimes, "non-standard" pieces are intended to do so, in order to protect the uniqueness of their own production and maintenance.

The hotel usually includes hotel engineering lamps, non-standard lamps, club lighting, KTV lamps, villa lamps, model room lamps, lobby lamps, outdoor lamps and other custom lamps. Non-standard goods or spare parts, which refer to goods that are used less or are specially made for a certain product, are not easy to buy general-purpose or substitutes. The general quality of engineering lamps is generally good, and the materials are not very good. The price is dominant, non-engineering lights are for the masses, and quality is the advantage. Otherwise, the market cannot be opened, and the price is slightly higher than the engineering lights.

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