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Hotel lighting planning and lighting will affect people's mood
2018-12-03 16:01:59

In modern indoor planning, the planning of hotel lighting is not only satisfied with the needs of lighting functions, but also an aesthetic factor. The scientific and reasonable indoor lighting plan can not only highlight the atmosphere of home decoration, but also decorate the artistic taste of interior decoration, which will also have a benign influence on the family's mood and mental state. Then, regarding the home environment, how does the indoor indoor lighting plan affect people's mood?

What many people don't know, or don't notice, is that the color of the lights is an important element of love in indoor planning. For example, it is not appropriate to use the color of the purity, the brightness is too high or too low, and the living room should not use the red color. Because the red color will speed up the circulation of the blood, it is very simple and serious. On the contrary, if the color purity is too low The days of the environment, like the days in the virgin forest, will make people's emotions long-term low and depressed. Therefore, the color of the indoor lighting should be selected from the color hue, medium and low purity, medium and high brightness. The interior lighting has its artistic beauty. The spatial distribution, color distribution, brightness distribution and shadow distribution of the interior are all in the use of satisfactory people, and the art planning method is completed. Therefore, in the art of indoor lighting and lighting, it is necessary to analyze the human physiology, mind and aesthetic sense, and reach a humanized plan to better satisfy people's aesthetic requirements. Indoor lighting and lighting planning can be expressed in many ways. In many cases, it is a combination of light, light, shadow, shape and medium. It is now more than just a visual enjoyment, but by everything. I feel the whole experience of organ to energy. Outstanding hotel lighting planning, suitable lighting settings can bring a completely different feeling, using different light source characteristics and lighting color combination of lighting and lighting decoration, can create a more influential indoor living environment.

hotel lighting

Hotel lightings play a very important role in the soft decoration process, but people often only pay attention to the appearance of the lamps when choosing the living room lamps, but ignore the overall effect of the lights. The lighting of the living room generally has two kinds of yellow light and white light. The overall effect of these two kinds of lights is different. So, is the choice of yellow light or white light in our living room lamps?

Whether the hotel lighting is yellow or white

First of all, the difference between yellow light and white light. Under normal circumstances, 700K ~ 3200K light color is yellow, 3200K ~ 5000K light color is warm white, also known as "natural color", and 5000K ~ 6500K is called white light, more than 6500K light color is called cold light, from In terms of lighting effects, yellow light generally gives a warm and comfortable feeling, and can create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the home environment. The white light makes the whole space bright and clear. Whether the hotel lamps are yellow or white (living room lighting - yellow light).

Second, look at the problem from the reasonableness of light. The visual effect of Huang Guang is relatively weak, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the human eye. White light is relatively better. People need a reasonable lighting design when reading books and studying work.

1. For the living room with dark light and low house, it is recommended to use white light. In addition to being beneficial to people's vision, it can also achieve the effect of visual expansion.

2, the living room is a comprehensive function of the place, the lighting design should be the combination of the main light, spotlights, table lamp, floor lamp, the main light is generally used for neutral light, the floor lamp can choose a warm and comfortable soft light series.

3, according to the overall decoration style to decide, color and the overall need to be unified.

On the whole, the editors of Jiegao Lighting believe that the lighting of the living room is mainly white light. In addition to the sufficient light, it is not easy to cause eye fatigue. Although the decoration effect is good, it is not very practical in many cases!

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