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Explain that the quality of non standard project lightings is an eternal topic for enterprises.
2018-12-03 14:02:48

Quality is an eternal topic for companies. Many lighting companies are investing heavily in product promotion. When setting up a road for sales, it is often easy to ignore the development of the company itself, drifting away for many years, but forgetting the hard work. As a manufacturer ofnon standard project lightinging engineering lamps, Zhongshan Jako Lighting & Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. fully recognize the importance of quality for the survival and development of an enterprise, and put forward the development goal of “developing to quality”, which puts high demands on products. At the same time, it also puts high demands on employees, stipulates that new employees must carry out a series of trainings such as factory safety and discipline, and provide special guidance to make them realize the importance of quality, the company's hardware, lampshade, assembly And the four departments of packaging are equipped with professional quality inspection and quality control, strictly control each process of production, and do not relax any link. The quality of hotel lighting engineering has always been a powerful magic weapon for the company to win in the industry for many years. While the company insists on launching new products every month, the quality requirements are very strict, and often the new products are launched, the orders will come quickly.

non standard project lighting

Quality assurance is not only reflected in production, but also in the management of the factory. In the management of hotel lamps, we also firmly put forward the goal of “beneficial to management” and adhere to the scientific quality management system. Thenon standard project lightinging staff told reporters that whether the raw materials enter the factory or the finished products leave the factory, they must pass the strict inspection of the quality inspection. For the procurement of raw materials, the company will make a comprehensive assessment of the supplier's ability, quality and cost performance. When entering the “threshold” of the factory, it will also undergo quality inspection of quality control before entering the company's warehouse room. It is not easy to go in. It is not easy to go out. In the company's finished product warehouse, there are many finished products waiting to be shipped every day. However, when the door is opened, it is also subject to a sample inspection, and then the company's delivery team will use a special vehicle. The packaged finished product inspection is often tested by a one-meter high resistance to the finished product and a 10-layer finished box anti-backup capability. The purpose of this is to ensure that the outgoing Baoshan products reach the customer's hands safely and without damage.

The color ofnon standard project lightings should be in harmony with the home's environmental decoration style. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the interior furniture, the color of the wall, and the color of the household appliances. Otherwise, the lighting and the overall color of the living room are inconsistent, but it will be self-defeating. For example, if the color of the interior wallpaper is light, you should use a warm-colored incandescent lamp as the light source to create a bright and soft light environment.

The size ofnon standard project lightings should be configured according to the area of the room, the number of furniture and the corresponding size. For small living rooms of less than 12 square meters, ceiling lamps ornon standard project lightings with a diameter of 200 mm or less should be used. The number and size ofnon standard project lightings should be suitable to avoid overcrowding. In the living room of about 15 square meters, ceiling lamps with a diameter of about 300 mm or multi-forked chandeliers should be used. The diameter of the lamps should not exceed 400 mm. It is better to put on spotlights or wall lamps on both sides of the murals.

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